Natures Menu Raw Advisor

I am a qualified Natures Menu Raw Food Advisor.  This means I can advise on any aspect of raw feeding, so if you have any questions about feeding your puppy or dog a raw diet, do get in touch.

Food has an extremely important job in the body and mind of every dog.  What a dog eats can affect their general well-being, health, welfare and even the way they feel. A poor quality dog food can cause a depressed dog, anxious behaviour and long term health problems amongst other things

Every dog needs and deserves to be fed the right fuel, to help them stay healthy and happy.  Food provides the nutrients that enables a body to repair itself, grow new cells and stay vital.

Feeding dogs a good healthy diet will strengthen them from within and this will help avoid the niggles and ailments that a bad diet can bring, along with their associated vet bills.  When a dog eats the right vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the immune system manages potential problems without too much trouble.

Deciding what we feed our dogs is one of the most important choices we can make for them. 

You can check how good your brand of dog food is on the All About Dog Food website.  Personally, I wouldn't recommend feeding any brand of food that scores less than 4 out of 5 on their rating scale.  You may also wish to read their informative article called Why Dog Food Matters.

Natures Menu produce high quality, real, wholesome food, free of artificial colours and flavourings. 

Their natural raw food is a complete, balanced and nourishing diet and their dry dog food options deliver a high meat protein, no grain, low carbohydrate diet with the power and taste of raw in every bite.  

If you sign up to my Puppy School classes, you'll receive a great Natures Menu Puppy Goodie Box, including a voucher for £15 off your first order of food and/or treats. A further £5 off voucher will be presented to you during Graduation Week! 

For more information on the Natures Menu range of food and treats, please visit the Natures Menu website and their True Instinct website.