Canine College

What Is Canine College?

Canine College is a continuation course for those puppies who have attended the Happy Buddies’ Puppy School course or *an equivalent course with a similar level of training.

As with all Happy Buddies’ training, Canine College only uses kind and reward based training techniques that are fun and easy for both humans and canines.  There are no harsh methods used and such methods won’t be allowed in class.

During the course, you will build on the work you did during Puppy School by advancing your dog’s basic obedience skills and making them more reliable with the use of distance, duration and distraction (the 3 D’s) as well as learning new things.  Helpful handouts are provided each week to help you practice what is learnt at home.  Some of the topics covered in Canine College include:  

  • Focus work

  • Distance cues

  • Send to bed

  • Developing Stay and Wait to make them more reliable in useful situations

  • Door way and roadside manners

  • Introduction to obedience work

  • Recall improvement

  • Leave

  • Drop

  • Loose lead walking improvements - both accuracy and technique

  • Jumping up prevention - encouraging more polite greetings

  • Emergency Stop

  • Introduction to agility

  • Confidence building

  • Trick Training

The course consists of 6 weekly sessions lasting 1 hour each and will be run with no more than 8 dogs – this means more individual attention and support for you and your dog!

As well as the 6 weekly classes, you can benefit from after class support via phone or email if you need it and if that isn’t enough – your dog will receive a CERTIFICATE and ROSETTE on completion of the course!

If you are unable to attend my group Canine College classes you may want to consider my 121 Canine College Course which takes place at your own home at convenient times for you.

*If you did not attend Puppy School, but attended an equivalent course, you may need to have a 121 session before enrolling on Canine College.  This will be discussed with you when you make an enquiry.