121 Puppy and Dog Training Services in Surrey

Happy Buddies offers individually tailored 121 puppy and dog training sessions throughout Surrey.  Mileage costs may apply and if I am unable to park at your home, please be aware that there may be a charge to cover parking expenses.

121 Puppy Services

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121 Pre Consultation on choosing the right puppy

It is an exciting time once you have made the decision to introduce a puppy to your family.  However, choosing the right puppy for you and your family is not to be taken lightly.  It should be something that is researched and done with a great deal of care and thought.

 I can help you with this, by giving you some information on how to go about choosing the right puppy for you.  During this consultation, I can help you consider the type of puppy that might suit your family and what kind of adult dog that puppy might grow into.  I can also give advice on selecting a reputable breeder.  In addition to this, the consultation covers suggestions for when you bring your puppy home, setting up your home in preparation for his/her arrival, introducing children and other pets, what equipment might be needed and suitable toys for your puppy.  I can also answer questions you may have on sleeping arrangements, feeding, toilet training and exercise.  Each visit is individual to you, so I can tailor my appointment to suit your needs.

£55 per hour

Early Puppy Guidance Visits

Sometimes new owners need some help straight away.  I can visit your home and provide advice on those all important puppy concerns that most new owners need help with such as toilet training, jumping up, play biting, chewing etc.  I also provide advice on how you can effectively socialise your new puppy in their early stages of life including guidance on appropriate social interaction with children and helping them to play safely together.  Again, each visit is individual to you and can be tailored to suit your needs.  All training will carried out using positive, reward based methods.

£55 per hour

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Puppy Recall Walks (guidance and support for taking your puppy for its first walk)

If you are worried about taking your puppy for a walk, I can come along and provide support to you.  Puppies need to have lots of positive experiences with other puppies/dogs and people and it is important for your puppy to feel safe, confident and happy when out and about.  The session will last 1 hour (but don’t worry, we won’t be walking that long)!

 I will cover meeting other dogs and people, greeting strangers appropriately, cyclists, joggers and we’ll also do some recall work.  If you haven’t already taken your puppy off the lead on a walk, I can help you to gain the confidence to do this.

£55 per hour

121 Puppy School or Canine College Course

Sometimes it is, for whatever reason, puppies or dogs are not suited to a class environment.  They may be nervous or anxious or previously shown signs of aggression, or just be too old for my classes.  Sometimes it is just because owners lead busy lives and cannot make training classes where days and times are set in stone.  So I also offer 121 training sessions.

For puppies and owners who are finding it hard to attend my Puppy School or Canine College classes, I offer a 121 Puppy School or Canine College Course which covers the same content as the Puppy School or Canine College curriculum, but at your home.  This would consist of 5 weekly sessions for 1 hour each.

£245 per course of 5 sessions


121 Dog Training and Behavioural Services (for dogs of all ages)

There may be occasions when you require individual help.  When dogs grow up, you can face new training challenges, especially if your dog has developed bad habits!

Training, disobedience and behavioural issues can take the fun out of dog ownership and it's likely to make your dog miserable too.  Happy Buddies will work with you to identify the reason for the behaviour and make a plan to help you and your dog overcome the issue.

You don't have to put up with problems that develop - it's much better to seek help and that's where Happy Buddies come in!

When you book a 121 training session, it can be completely tailored to you and your dog’s needs.  You can ask as many questions as you like, giving you the most out of the session as possible – it’s all about you, your dog and their training!

The sessions are generally undertaken at your home, however, some may be at a convenient outdoor location, depending on the training requirements.

All training advice and techniques provided are kind, positive and force-free.  This ensures that the session is enjoyed by both human and canine and that your dog is successful with their learning through the use of reward and encouragement only.

Examples of the things I can help you and your dog with include:

  • house training issues

  • a reliable recall

  • loose lead walking with no pulling

  • polite greetings with no jumping up

  • resource guarding

  • building a focus on you, despite distractions

  • how to 'leave' and 'drop' objects

  • not knowing how to play with toys

  • excessive barking

  • onset of disobedience to commands previously responsive to

  • fear of cars, cyclists, people

  • excessive chewing or biting

  • and more!

Please note that it may not be possible to resolve your issue in a single session.  Happy Buddies offers discounts for multiple sessions as follows:

  • One-off session £55 per hour

  • Follow on sessions £50 per hour